Re: Privacy (su UID value in desktop entry standard)

On Thu, Mar 18, 2004 at 08:12:23PM +0100, C. Gatzemeier was heard to remark:
> If you have KDE running you can try the following, seems to work pretty nice.
> kdesu -u [user] gnucash 
> (I am sure there are also Gnome etc. variants available)

Yes, this was discussed a bit; It works, but falls somewhat into 
the "put it in a HOWTO" category, since there is some non-trivial
sysadmin work to set up the 'protected' user.

The other problem is that the graphical file browser/finder/nautilus,
etc. will not find the 'protected' files on this users desktop. 
(since they are now presumably in some other home directory).
To get them onto this desktop, one would then have to do 
additional sysadmin fiddling with file paths and desktop settings. 
And after that, copying the files using your favorite file browser
now becomes hard.  Do I need to 'kdesu -u bookeeper konqueror' 
to do graphical file management?  It sort of spirals out of control.

Remember, my goal was to allow my proverbial computer-novice-mom
to keep her accounting files under lock and key, while otherwise 
keeping the desktop open to all.


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