Re: Privacy (su UID value in desktop entry standard)

> I used to use KDEs "start new session" in the past, and swich back and forth, 
> worked quite fine and quick. (After both sessions run, including xlock 
> timeout on unused session) But true, some kind of  session aware pager as an 
> alternative to Alt-Ctr-Fx switching could be handy, and parallel session 
> switching is not very fine (application) grained.

Yes, the session pager would be great!  Or at least a session list.  It
would be good, as well, if it could list console sessions as well (which
is easily gettable with the output of "who").

Once the display migration stuff is ready, there will be ways to "send
an app window" to a colleague across the network or across sessions in
the same computer.  When that's ready, that'll be bliss.

In the meantime, fast user switching would be great tool.

> > look at a web page real quick while I go to the bathroom,
> > login/logout isn't effective.  If music is playing, a logout
> > would stop the music.
> Oh, one of those "music printer filter/queues" might be quite a cool thing in 
> multi-user single audio environments ;-)

I think this should be done at the app level.

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> Christian
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