abnormal bug day- need input from 'regular' gnome hackers

So... bugzilla.gnome.org is back, with massive amounts of improvements
and changes. Not all of them are perfect, and virtually none of them are
really tested. So... the goal for the (limited) bug day tomorrow is to
pound on bugzilla and make sure it works. Some things to think about:

* play with your mail settings- there are all kinds of new mail settings
to play with and take advantage of. Learn them and play with them.

* play with the new query page- you can now (finally) do boolean queries
and things like that.

* do triage- query a whole bunch of bugs, and try to read them, comment
on them, do your normal stuff, and think about anything that bothers,
irritates, whatever.

* look at the reports- anything that doesn't work or gives bogus numbers
is important.

* bring bugs up in #bugs, then file them.

In short, this is not a normal bug day- it's a day for pounding on our
tool and making sure it is as good as possible, so anyone who has used
bugzilla in the past and is likely to spot bugs is encouraged to look
around and try to find corner cases and bugs.

I'll be around normal bug day hours (9am-9pm EST) so please drop by and
let us know anything that is wrong or anything you love. Problems are my
fault, praise gets directed to aes, aldug, davef, jrb, and numerous


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