Re: Filenames, escaping, and GtkFileSystem

Hey Federico,

On Wed, 2004-03-24 at 21:55, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> Hi,
> I started to fix #136467 and found a few interesting things:

	As regards what should happen when you enter a path into the entry in
the save dialog, I'd imagine it would:

  + Check to see if folder part of the entered filename already exists 
    and if it does, happily save to that folder

  + If not, display an error about using the path separator in 

	I think this would allow a nice shortcut for people who expect entering
the full path to work, while at the same time not doing something too
clever and confusing for people who aren't trying to save to a full

> There are a few things we can do:
> 1. Specify that GtkFileSystem::make_path() should fail if the filename
> has path components.  In the context of GtkFileChooser, this would
> eventually bring up an error message box, very similar to the one
> Nautilus uses when you rename a file and try to put a slash in the name.

	Yeah, I'd say this is the best bet - but also allow escaped filenames
to be passed in. That way you could change the file chooser behaviour
later to allow you to enter a slash ... ?


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