Gnome VFS - plans for Gnome 2.8

For gnome-vfs in Gnome 2.8 we will focus on finishing up the volume
changes that were started in Gnome 2.6, and making gnome-vfs really
work well for applications reading remote files. This is much more
important now with the new file selector and its gnome-vfs
support. Hopefully it'll lead to more Gnome applications using
gnome-vfs to load files. 

Some stuff that I'd like to see done:

smb: needs some polish. It shouldn't block for as long time as it
currently does when enumerating workgroups. Also, we need to expose
the current workgroup setting in the UI somewhere, and in general
handle workgroups/domains a bit better.

add mDNS (rendezvous) detected local webdav servers to
network:. This means we need mDNS support in gnome-vfs.

add support for mounting encrypted loopback mounts, with the user
typing the password in a nice authentication dialog if needed.

Copy a directory over another directory should merges file in the
directory instead of overwriting whole directory.

finish and switch over to the neon-based HTTP/WebDav backend. 
Implement seek for http. There is a patch in bugzilla, but that is for
the current backend.

Implement authentication and gnome-keyring support in the ftp backend
(initial patch exists in bugzilla), and generally improve ftp support.

Implement keyring support in the sftp backend.

Add a prompting callback API, which is needed for sftp "host key
invalid" messaging.

Support the gnutls 1.0 API.

Rework the mime application backend, as needed for cleanup of the mime
support in Nautilus. 

Look at the possibility of supporting ACLs in gnome-vfs.

Add support in daemon for extending the lifetime of the daemon past the
last closed client. This is useful for methods that have caches etc.

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