Re: Gnome VFS - plans for Gnome 2.8

On Enj , 2004-03-25 at 11:19 +0100, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> finish and switch over to the neon-based HTTP/WebDav backend. 
> Implement seek for http. There is a patch in bugzilla, but that is for
> the current backend.

What about a libsoup-based backend instead? It would be better to avoid
having multiple numbers of HTTP backends in the desktop. Since libsoup
is going to be used by so many things anyway, it only makes sense to use
it also. The bug-buddy for 2.8 can use it for submitting bugs, instead
of sendmail. Evolution uses it, as does evolution-webcal, and anything
that that displays information from the data server using the backends
for webcal/http, groupwise, or exchange. It has support for both sync
and async APIs. Neon's API is certainly interesting, but I don't think
it is what we want for the purposes of Gnome, and it only makes sense to
use something we are going to be shipping and already use in a large
number of places, already.

-- dobey

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