GNOME 2.8 focus

What's the GNOME 2.8 focus?

Your opinion about these?

* stability - less than 1000 unresolved bugs (excluding enhancements) in
bugzilla. Make bugsquad more like a QA team? (not only triaging, but
also testing and finding new bugs, verifying fixes)

* developers - make it easy and fast to develop gnome apps. What's Glade
3 status? Monodevelop, Eclipse, Anjunta should work nice. 
Include C API in Monodoc for easy browsing (now one has to use the HTML
docs for each separate library. Monodoc has all in one, allows index and

* new features per module. Anything global? e.g. all applications open
files with GnomeVFS, use gStreamer

* more desktop integration - gaim, evolution, Dashboard, Seth's Storage,

* gStreamer 1.0 - an important component (multimedia), needs to be
usable and stable. Include support for all major free audio and video
codecs (ogg, flac, Ogg Theora for video). Rhytmbox, Totem should use
only this, no additional plugins/libraries for decoding.

* locking/chaging configuration system-wide - status of this? Doesn't
seem easy to use/clear, as a hacker from Evolution asked on devel-list
how does it work after trying to find out by himself.

Marius Andreiana
Galuna - Solutii Linux in Romania

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