Re: Proposal for a new g-c-c menu layout for GNOME 2.8

Albert Mora said:

That's what can I say here, IMHO:

* As said in the thread, I endorse to put preferences in a menu outside
the Applications one. It could be called Desktop Preferences, since none
of the menu elements inside start a subtantial application... It also
will reduce the deep in one level...
* I cannot see the point about having an Accessibility submenu in
Preferences (with the same name and icon as in the Apps menu).

These are two entirely separate things - one menu item is Accessibility-related applications, the other has to do with accessibility preferences. We could rename "Applications->Accessibility" to "Applications->Assistive Technologies" but I am not sure this would be helpful to users. We've got an alternate icon for accessibility (despite the 'wheelchair"'s good recognition, it's of questionable appropriateness for, say, visual problems).

* As said in the thread, the Advanced name doesn't tell anything useful
about its contents. Furthermore, it makes me feel that Advanced name is
a Joker for the things that-I-don't-know-where-to-put-them...
* Why the Keyboard Shortcuts are outside of the Keyboard itself?

An some proposals for reordering:

- Keyboard accessibility in the Desktop behaviour, integrated with
'normal' keyboard (what's the point about having it twice?)

The keyboard accessibility capplet is already quite complex.  The
previous conclusions about this were that it worked better as an
independent capplet, and didn't integrate particularly well with the other
keyboard capplet.  This is especially true now that the "general" keyboard
capplet has gotten more complex as well.

- Put Network Proxy in the System Tools
- Panel in Desktop Appearence
- Put Font - Menus & Toolbars in Theme

I prefer "Desktop Preferences" to "Preferences", and "Appearance" as a submenu,

Desktop Preferences->Appearance
Desktop Preferences->Behavior

The generality of "Preferences" is IMO a liability since it no longer
makes it clear that we're talking about "Desktop Settings" - and I think
"application settings" don't belong in the panel menu.

- Bill

Otherwise, I like this proposal...

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