Re: Plans for 2.8 - GNOME Managed Language Services?

The embrace and extend strategy allows an incumbant to absorb a competitive
advantage of a competing system, then add extensions to introduce
compatibilities so that users are forced onto the dominant platform to be
able to interoperate.  Embrace and extend won't work the other way around.
If you try it, it ends up being "embrace and get clobbered by Microsoft."

> MS has been embracing and extending tons of linux/unix stuff over the
> years so why not turn the tables on them for a change. We, the Gnome
> community, should embrace and extend Mono for our own purposes and to
> our own advantage. We dont need the .Net platform and their IP
> encumbered components but we do need their royalty free CLR + CLI to
> accelerate development of our desktop and provide seamless integration
> of a number of languages. The interests of the desktop as a whole should
> outweigh any individual company's political/strategic agenda (I hope).
> jamie.

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