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On Sat, 2004-03-27 at 23:30, Raphael Bosshard wrote:
> I sum it up:
> The argument is the JVM vs. the Mono runtime
> Java:
>     - was not designed to run other languages than Java
>     - Patents may be a danger.
>     - widly accepted
> Mono:
>     - Some people (especialy Sun) will not like the idea of Microsoft 
> technology playing an important role in their desktop)
>     - multiple languages, one bytecode
>     - Patents may be a danger.
>     - License _may_ not be GPL compliant
>  From a technical point of view these two options are mostly aquivalent. 
> So to be honest; it's a only a matter of ideologies?

My sum up would be

 Official version closed source and therefore unavailable
 open source versions available but not certified/approved
 Not designed from the ground up for JITs
 VMs tend to be slower and more resource hungry - would need high  
quality JITs on multiple platforms to compete with mono. (How good is
Kaffe in this respect?)
 Designed for Java language - not as suitable for other languages
 Might need a lot more work to develop open source versions up to same 
standard as Mono (JITs mainly) - years away? 

Mono :	
 Technically superior to JVM
 Designed/optomised for JITs
 EMCA core is royalty free - no threat from patents
 Royalty free is obviously GPL/LGPL compatible
 Already functional and almost complete - should be ready for Gnome 3
 Supports multiple languages - Java and Python languages currently under

My Verdict : Mono give you everything JVM has plus lots lots more - it
even supports the Java language. A high performance open source JVM +
JITs is a long way off unless companies are willing to donate them of
course (SUN, IBM et al) and thats the only realistic way that it could
be considered. 


> Raphael
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