Where we stand in regard to the future platform / desktop technology

There seem to be three models:

(1) C/C++/Python

- no known legal issues

(2) JVM

- legal situation unclear

(3) Mono

- legal situation unclear

As it stands, if we have to decide now, we have no other choice than

As I understand it Novell is working on making clear the legal situation
with Novell. If they finish with an answer that satisfies the
communities goals, then we have another option to choose from, namely

I don't know anyone that is working on making clear the legal situation
for the JVM. When someone does and succeeds, we'll have the option (3)

So if we end up having a choice, we (the community) should base it on
technical arguments, not political. And I would like to ask companys to
refrain from trying to force their (politically motivated) opinion on
the community. Note that I'm not saying that any one company does that
at present.

So at the moment there's nothing to argue about.
Markus Bertheau <twanger bluetwanger de>

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