Re: Where we stand in regard to the future platform / desktop technology

On Sun, 2004-03-28 at 12:39, Markus Bertheau wrote:
> В Вск, 28.03.2004, в 13:29, jamie пишет:
> > For Gnome 3, the options increase to having C and Mono (with the Python
> > in 2.8 running on Mono).
> They only do if the legal situation clears up. That was my point. Do you
> agree? Or do you think, from a legal POV, Mono is a viable way to go for
> the community already?

Well MS (with Intel and HP) declared it royalty free albeit via a
development manager. If they were to do a u-turn they would not only be
in hot water with US and EU competition commissions but they would also
lose all trust or faith in themselves - it would be a massive PR failure
and I think its inconceivable that would happen.

The legal situation should be cleared up long before we get to Gnome 3


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