Re: Where we stand in regard to the future platform / desktop technology


> > At various levels, yes, but there is no current open source java + JVM
> > that is close to complete. Classpath will require more time to complete,
> Open source Java is certainly as complete as ECMA core of .NET. The
> missing bits are all the add-on libs. Remember, the legally-safe Mono
> (even with letter from Microsoft) does not include the interesting class
> libraries! We're using Classpath with Mono too if we adopt Mono, not the
> .NET APIs.
> Though granted this is too complex for people to get, people will use
> the .NET APIs anyway despite legal problems, and that's exactly the fear
> and danger.

Every time you mention Java and GNU Classpath, please make sure to
underline the fact that there is also no guarantee from Sun that they
wont sue an open source java or open source projects for the use of
their APIs.

As things stand right now, if we get a public letter from Microsoft on
the ECMA core, it is a much better position to be in, than on the Java
case, where we do not even have guarantees over things as basic as 


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