Re: GNOME 2.8: gnome-panel menu code: rewritten?


On Sun, 2004-03-28 at 19:59, Christian Neumair wrote:
> Hi there!
> I'd like to ask whether the whole menu code will be rewritten for GNOME
> 2.8, considering that the new freedesktop menu standard seriously rocks,
> or whether it is just "adapted". In my opinion it doesn't look very
> clean and clearly aranged. If it isn't rewritten, I'll hack a popup menu
> for menus into the menu code and remove the "Entire menu" popup submenu
> which isn't suitable for empty menus and unintuitive.

	Yes, the menu code in the panel sucks and at some point if we're making
some serious changes it would be a good idea to re-write it, but
re-writing for the sake of it isn't something I'd advocate.

	One thing I tend to do is if I'm re-writting bits of e.g. menu.c, I
split it out into a file of its own - e.g. if you want to re-work the
menu's context menu you could split it out into
panel-menu-context-menu.c or something silly like that ...


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