scripting [Was: Where we stand in regard to the future platform / desktop technology]

Sean said:

Lack of good application scripting is one of the things that sucks most
about GNOME, and that both Windows and OS X have gotten very, very
right.  You can't control the desktop without using the UI itself, or
making UI-dependent atk-based scripts.
I think you mean "at-spi"-based scripts. AFAICS such scripts are no more application-dependent than COM scripts, though it's true that at-spi operates on the same "view" and "controller" as the primary UI, it doesn't expose the application's data model.

There's a piece of API available in at-spi/ATK which would allow exposing the model (AtkDocument), but there's been no good proposal on how to implement and expose it properly (there was a suggestion of using W3C DOM but DV indicated that there were serious technical issues with exposing DOM via CORBA).

- Bill

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