GNOME 2.8: Scripting


One nice thing to have for GNOME 2.8 could be scripting of applications.
For this, we need a standard and easy way for applications to register
methods to be called from scripts and have those methods called.

So, I've been thinking this weekend (over some beers, so I apologize in
advance if some things don't make sense :-) about this, and this is:

* add signals to GnomeProgram like "getMethodList" and "runMethod", so
that apps can implement them and thus add support for scripting. I know
some people want to not add new features to libgnome* so that they can
be obsolete in a future. If so, I guess we could then have a
FooScripting (or whatever) class that implements this. The question is,

* as for the internal implementation, the obvious choice, at least to
me, seems to be BonoboApplication, which already has support for the 2
methods mentioned above. If we were to use BonoboApplication, we could
just avoid the step above, and so have applications that want to add
scripting support use BonoboApplication directly.
Other implementation choices are using d-bus.

That's all I've thought, since I drunk too many beers, but I wanted to
share it so that some discussion could go on. So, any comments?


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