Re: GNOME 2.8: Scripting

On Mon, 2004-03-29 at 11:59 +0200, Rodrigo Moya wrote:

> Hi
> One nice thing to have for GNOME 2.8 could be scripting of applications.
> For this, we need a standard and easy way for applications to register
> methods to be called from scripts and have those methods called.
> So, I've been thinking this weekend (over some beers, so I apologize in
> advance if some things don't make sense :-) about this, and this is:
> * add signals to GnomeProgram like "getMethodList" and "runMethod", so
> that apps can implement them and thus add support for scripting. I know
> some people want to not add new features to libgnome* so that they can
> be obsolete in a future. If so, I guess we could then have a
> FooScripting (or whatever) class that implements this. The question is,
> where?
> * as for the internal implementation, the obvious choice, at least to
> me, seems to be BonoboApplication, which already has support for the 2
> methods mentioned above. If we were to use BonoboApplication, we could
> just avoid the step above, and so have applications that want to add
> scripting support use BonoboApplication directly.
> Other implementation choices are using d-bus.
well, forgot to mention the other option people have talked about, which
is to use at-spi, although that does not work well, I guess, for
high-level methods. That is, if you want, in evolution to have a
sendEmail method to be called from scripts, how could at-spi allow that?

In any case, is there any chance we come to a standard scripting


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