(Non-obligatory) Call for tarballs from translators

Hi developers, release team,

During this week, Punjabi (pa), Slovak (sk) and Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)
languages have become supported in Gnome 2.6, bringing a total number
of supported languages to 39.

Yet, for this to actually happen, we'd need a bunch of tarballs
re-released for Gnome 2.6.

Translators would appreciate if maintainers of the modules mentioned
below could make another release.  We thank them in advance for any
effort they expend on that (hey, some sucking up ;).

More important (according to translators themselves):
     atk			pa
     gail			pa
     gdm2			pa
     ggv			pa
     gnome-applets		pa
     gnome-control-center	pa,sk
     gnome-games		nn
     gnome-keyring		pa
     gnome-mime-data		sk
     gnome-netstatus		nn
     gnome-themes		nn,pa
     gnome-vfs			sk
     gnopernicus		pa
     gtk+			sk
     gucharmap			nn
     libgnomecanvas		nn
     libgtop			nn
     metacity			pa
     nautilus			sk
     nautilus-media		pa
     procman			pa,sk

Less important (not necessary for making nn supported in 2.6):
     gnome-media		nn
     libgnome			nn
     libgnomeui			nn
     libgnomeprintui		nn
     libwnck			nn

"Less important" modules are not really less important, it's just that
if you're maintainer of one "less" and one "more" important, and can
only do a single tarball, then choose the "more" important one.  Of
course, it would be very nice if all the modules with updated
translations (there're a lot more, I listed just the languages which
since became supported) are dist-ed again, and we won't mind that
either :)

Perhaps this should have gone only to r-t, and let them take the
charge?  Anyway, me posting this cannot do any harm, right? :)


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