RE: Where we stand in regard to the future platform / desktoptechnology

Im sorry to be butting in but I think there is an other possibility that
shouldn't be ignored:
Currently Mono can use java by making stubs to make class files to be
converted or used by Mono.
But what if these weren't stub's but a full implementation of Gtk# in java .
We could have a chose of which JIT to use. The sun, ibm, gcj, kaffe or Mono.
Then you could use Mono for extra functionality with C# apps or java
runtime  if you are sun and trying to sell Java Desktop.

This would add an extra dependency for Mono, to include Classpath and IKVM.

Olafur Arason.

>There seem to be three models:
>(1) C/C++/Python
>- no known legal issues
>(2) JVM
>- legal situation unclear
>(3) Mono
>- legal situation unclear
>As it stands, if we have to decide now, we have no other choice than
>As I understand it Novell is working on making clear the legal situation
>with Novell. If they finish with an answer that satisfies the
>communities goals, then we have another option to choose from, namely
>I don't know anyone that is working on making clear the legal situation
>for the JVM. When someone does and succeeds, we'll have the option (3)
>So if we end up having a choice, we (the community) should base it on
>technical arguments, not political. And I would like to ask companys to
>refrain from trying to force their (politically motivated) opinion on
>the community. Note that I'm not saying that any one company does that
>at present.
>So at the moment there's nothing to argue about.
>Markus Bertheau <twanger bluetwanger de>

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