The Desktop language FUD wars

I think we managed to FUD both C#,Mono,Java and JVM's to death now. I
think at this point it is clear that neither of these technologies will
go anywhere into the core GNOME platform before MS and Sun provide
written statements guaranteeing that the parts of the technology we want
to use is 100% royalty free. So while we are waiting for such letters,
which may or may not come, we should look at the more readily available

I remember Havoc mentioned using XPCOM as one solution in his original
mails, and I know people talked about trying to leverage the Mozilla
technologies as a XAML competitor. It would seem that these two issues
together would create a good argument for looking at leveraging mozilla
technologies into GNOME, both as a way to strengthen the platform and as
a way to further integrate Mozilla into the desktop. 

This might also be a nice way to reach out to companies using Mozilla
technology like Lindows or OEOne. It would also strenghten our ties with
companies planing to certify Mozilla with the software, such as Oracle.


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