Re: desktop-devel-list digest, Vol 1 #2110 - 16 msgs

James Henstridge wrote:
On 30/03/04 01:27, Bill Haneman wrote:

Jamesh said:

I don't doubt that the accessibility interface could be used to expose the "model" of an application.

But if we are considering AT-SPI as a scripting interface, we need to look at ease of implementation. I am not convinced that it would be any easier for an app author to maintain a tree of AtkObjects representing their document model compared to exposing it via custom CORBA interfaces, DBus, etc.

Well, one other thing to consider is that any capabilities/APIs that do get exposed via 'custom CORBA interfaces, DBUS, etc.' may have to be made accessible/exposed via at-spi as well. So leveraging at-spi here (i.e. doing it "once") may reduce the overall code burden.

AtkObjects and interfaces have the advantage of being in-process from the application/library developer's point of view - the export to CORBA happens automagically via the atk-bridge code.

- Bill


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