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On 30/03/04 18:38, Bill Haneman wrote:

Well, one other thing to consider is that any capabilities/APIs that do get exposed via 'custom CORBA interfaces, DBUS, etc.' may have to be made accessible/exposed via at-spi as well. So leveraging at-spi here (i.e. doing it "once") may reduce the overall code burden.

AtkObjects and interfaces have the advantage of being in-process from the application/library developer's point of view - the export to CORBA happens automagically via the atk-bridge code.

My question was whether this was going to be easier than custom CORBA APIs. Unless I am mistaken, an app author would need to keep the tree of AtkObjects up to date and in synch with their document model (assuming they don't actually store their document model as AtkObjects).

This sounds like it would be more painful than implementing CORBA servers in C. And given the fact that no app is fully exporting their document model via CORBA, I see no reason why they would put even more effort into an at-spi based solution.

If we want universal scriptability, it needs to be _very_ easy for application authors to add.


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