Re: Some more thoughts on Java vs Mono debate

2004-03-30 화 22:16, Alan Cox이(가) 씀:
#2  Do java and/or C# as programming languages have a useful place in
writing apps for Gnome, especially as a required part

I think many of the benefits using high level languages like Java or C# in Gnome development would come as much from the way they're used as from the language themselves. I mean we can adapt many of the common place best practices and new concepts of them like unit testing(functional, GUI, web, etc), automated build(ant), project management(maven, checkstyle, pmd), model driven approach, inversion of control style container(Spring, Pico container), persistence frameworks, MVC frameworks, and lot more. If migrating to more high level OOP language would bring improved productivity, they can maximize that productivity gain if they could be properly adapted.

And as regard to the usefulness of 3rd party or non-free libraries of Java or .NET, yes there still be much left even if we abandon 70% of them, compared to the traditional C development. However just imagine  what it'd be like if any colleage student who has attended Java (or .NET) class could start developing GNOME application in Eclipse with all the refactoring and visual editor support while utilizing something like to boost productivity. I hope that could illustrate what we might be losing if we just abandon the 70%.


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