Re: Some more thoughts on Java vs Mono debate


> > Agreed. But don't you think it is a huge loss if we can't use many of
> > useful 3rd party libraries or tools built around Java or .NET for
> > compatibility reasons?
> Definitely. Its equivalent to being able to program in C but not having
> 75% of the standard C library available. Anyone who had the misfortune
> to write C code on VMS can probably relate to exactly what it was like.

That is a stretch.

The "high level libraries" that are not part of ECMA are really outside
the realm of what people consider the libc.  

They include things like SOAP protocol, automatic skeleton generation,
discovery, LDAP, GUI toolkits and a few others.

It is like claiming that you cant write code because the kde libraries
are not part of libc.


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