What're these huge threads about, anyway?

It seems there are two separate levels getting mixed in discussion here:
 (1) what will the platform (libraries, etc.) be written in?
 (2) what will the user-level be written in?

It seems to me that using anything but C for (1) will needlessly
exclude a whole pile of languages.  Sure, in theory they could be
ported to the CLR, but in practice many won't.  Additionally, people
outside of the GNOME project will continue to write their libraries in C
(see recent discussions about zeroconf libraries and neon/soup), so it
seems that C underneath is inevitable.

As for (2), well, I see projects in a bunch of different languages
already: C for most of GNOME, C# for Novell's contributions, Python for
GNOME-blog, ...

So I guess my question is: where is the argument?

Evan Martin
martine danga com

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