Re: Desktop 'Tape' - New UI Idea

Marla: Here's what I'm proposing. We eliminate all this. The hangers,
the bar, the shelves. And in its place install a series of hooks. We'll
put everything on hooks. 
Jerry: Everything? 
Marla: Everything. The shirts, pants, sport jackets, pajamas. We could
get eighty hooks in here. 
Jerry: You're quite mad, you know.

On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 21:43 +1000, Benjamin Rich wrote:

> I had an idea for a new UI which I think could be implemented in GNOME
> (or any DE for that matter). It seems to me to solve the big problem
> associated with graphical 2D DE, namely the onus of arranging and
> organising windows being left up to the user via
> minimise/maximise/taskbar/etc. and the problems of the very cluttered
> nature of 2D environments.
> I've written it up in a blog, have a look at it at:
> Tell me what you think =)
> -Ben
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