Re: Bookmark Patch

On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 12:04 +1000, Peter Harvey wrote:
> > Along these lines, if the bookmark patch goes upstream we should
> > probably include a toolbar dedicated to bookmarks so users understand
> > the functionality exists.
> Good point about discoverability, but I'm not so sure it needs to be
> done that way. I'd like to avoid something called the "Bookmarks Bar"
> because, as you now know, the "Bookmarks Bar" isn't the only place you
> can put bookmarks. :)

True, this makes sense.

> I'll clean it up a little tonight (Australian time) then send it.
> There's some minor things I want to fix (a speed improvement to the
> algorithm which builds the menu structure, and completing the removal of
> the bookmarks bar).

Looking forward to it!


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