Epiphany Bookmarks Patch h6


* What is it ?

This is a patch is for the Epiphany web browser (part of GNOME), and
auto-magically provides hierarchical bookmarks to users. It does this
without violating the spirit of the topic-based approach Epiphany uses.
It also provides a useful enhancement to the topic selector, and reworks
some other user-interface elements (such as the bookmarks bar).

This release is much more experimental and changes more than previous
releases. Be warned!


Release h6 applies to Epiphany 1.4.0 (which is the stable release for
GNOME 2.8).

* What's changed for h6?

    * Updated patch for 1.4.0.
    * Removed the bookmarks bar.
    * Generate shared XML string for bookmarks menu.
    * Slightly improve performance of node-cover code.
    * Delay adding bookmarks menu until it is first used.
    * Fixed bug(?) in ephy-node.

* Where can I get it ?

with MD5 sum c917958e193dbcfab81c6ec7396bfd56.

Source code (includes debian directory for dpkg-buildpackage):
with MD5 sum 0aa3da196a82837c62368a156ede2889.

Debian package:
with MD5 sum 62dc742c83f773957d0a220da8cdad1e.


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