minor preferences wanted

I have some debatable features I'd like

1) Ctrl-D cannot be assigned:
I usually have twenty xterm + epiph, I usually Ctrl-D all my xterms away, but when focus goes to epiph, it pops up add bookmark dialog... I'd prefer epiph to stand still. I'm sure this will have to stay a local patch for me. Is there a gtk2 method to change this or did that die with 1.x?

2) middle button paste doesn't create a new tab even with all the options set.. I'd settle to be able to middle button paste into "New Tab"...

3) Speaking of which it'd be nice if I could paste into the Label of a text field smark bookmark, which would be identical to typing in the text and hitting enter.

I'd be happy to whip up the patches if maintainers are interested in any of these.

Thanks for a great simple browser,


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