Two quick proposals on user names and mail aliases

Just saw an issue that was sitting around the GNOME request tracker,

 James Henstridge wanted to have an email alias james gnome org along 
 with the jamesh gnome org standard name.

 However, the 'james' username is already taken by James Antill.
(AFAIK, James Antill isn't currently a foundation member, so wouldn't be
eligible for an email address, but he has used his CVS
account relatively recently.)

Regardless of the particulars of this case (there are a bunch of
other James's in GNOME as well), it does bring up some policy issues:

 - How many email aliases can you get?
 - When can you get a "common" alias like james gnome org

I'm going to suggest two simple policies:

 - Every foundation member can get a CVS username plus one other alias.
   (Or two aliases if they don't have a CVS account.)

 - You can only get your first name or last name by itself 
   as an email alias if nobody else in the CVS user database and no
   other foundation member has that first name (resp. last name.)
   Once you get such an alias, you can keep it, however.

   Since there are 1100 entries in the CVS user database, that gives a 
   a reasonable definition of "common".

   We might want to consider expiration times for this rule - 
   e.g., we might allow Marc Mulcahy to get marc gnome org as
   an email alias since Marc Ewing hasn't touched GNOME CVS since 
   1998 or so.

Comments? Thanks,

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