Re: Two quick proposals on user names and mail aliases

I honestly don't see why people need vanity aliases. They do nothing but take up
valid namespace (usually). I would make it so that if someone really must have a
vanity alias it should be outside the 8 character unix login namespace.

On Sat, 8 Nov 2003, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Just saw an issue that was sitting around the GNOME request tracker,
>  James Henstridge wanted to have an email alias james gnome org along 
>  with the jamesh gnome org standard name.
>  However, the 'james' username is already taken by James Antill.
> (AFAIK, James Antill isn't currently a foundation member, so wouldn't be
> eligible for an email address, but he has used his CVS
> account relatively recently.)
> Regardless of the particulars of this case (there are a bunch of
> other James's in GNOME as well), it does bring up some policy issues:
>  - How many email aliases can you get?
>  - When can you get a "common" alias like james gnome org
> I'm going to suggest two simple policies:
>  - Every foundation member can get a CVS username plus one other alias.
>    (Or two aliases if they don't have a CVS account.)
>  - You can only get your first name or last name by itself 
>    as an email alias if nobody else in the CVS user database and no
>    other foundation member has that first name (resp. last name.)
>    Once you get such an alias, you can keep it, however.
>    Since there are 1100 entries in the CVS user database, that gives a 
>    a reasonable definition of "common".
>    We might want to consider expiration times for this rule - 
>    e.g., we might allow Marc Mulcahy to get marc gnome org as
>    an email alias since Marc Ewing hasn't touched GNOME CVS since 
>    1998 or so.
> Comments? Thanks,
> 						Owen
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