Re: Two quick proposals on user names and mail aliases

sön 2003-11-09 klockan 03.12 skrev Bastien Nocera:
> > lör 2003-11-08 klockan 21.36 skrev Owen Taylor:
> > > Regardless of the particulars of this case (there are a bunch of
> > > other James's in GNOME as well), it does bring up some policy issues:
> > > 
> > >  - How many email aliases can you get?
> > >  - When can you get a "common" alias like james gnome org
> <snip>
> These write-ups don't take into account people changing names, which has
> already happened at least twice to my knowledge ;)

I tried to cover that in my suggestion for account name rules or
guidelines, although I'm sure the need cannot be elminated completely.

Personally I'm fine with some people changing their account names, as
long as they only use one account name.


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