Re: [Fwd: Authorisation]

On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 04:43, Pat Costello wrote:
> Hi Calum, 
> In the past, when people have asked to reference the GDSG, I have requested them to give the title and URL of the GDSG, and name the GDP as the publisher. The only place of publication that makes any sense is the URL, cyberspace in other words.

Something that pops up in other discussions about references to Internet
documents is the importance of quoting the date of reference. Since
online versions change over time without necessarily going through "1st
ed.", "2nd ed.", etc, fixing the version in time is a good idea.

And do you think I can find a single other discussion about this right
now? Nooooo. I'm sure I have read half a dozen of them over the past
couple of years, but Google is not my friend today. :-(

The only useful bookmarked reference I have is

which does mention the importance of dating the reference.


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