Minutes of the Board meeting 2003 Nov 4

     Minutes of the Board meeting 2003 Nov 4


   Nat Friedman (chair)
   Daniel Veillard
   Jonathan Blandford
   Jim Gettys
   James Henstridge
   Jody Goldberg (minutes)
   Jeff Waugh
   Glynn Foster
   Miguel de Icaza
   Bill Haneman
   Luis Villa

   Tim Ney

Completed Actions:

   ACTION: Glynn to check for Thanks: Wilson-Sonsini for working pro-bono
            Red Hat for bandwidth in newsletter and on the foundation site
	=> Went onto the website.

   ACTION: Luis will find a speaker for the  Linux Desktop Consortium 
	   on November 10th at Boston University
	=> done.  Nat will be there.

   ACTION: Luis make sure Nat contacts the OSDL about GNOME involvement
        => done

   ACTION: Jeff to check the by-laws to see if there is time to make a 
           community poll before the election
	=> done

   ACTION : FSG Accessibility Group Press Release
	=> Bill drafted a statement for the board supported

   ACTION : Status of election plans
	=> Glynn to check on timing and system


   ACTION: Tim to look into merchandising options around our logo and
        GUADEC proceedings
	: Can now accept credit cards
	: Process of setting up the web form, and certificate ongoing
	  Ariel Rios is working on it.  Have someone to work on DB, but need
	  some help on the web form.  Posting to request help will happen shortly.
	=> ongoing

   ACTION: Put the confidentiality policy on website
	: Sent and reviewed on list.  We need to put it on the web
	  and add links to it.
	: Jeff will get the links set up.
        : Glynn will fetch it from the archive and report it
	=> Luis to fetch the wording and Jeff to put them on-line

   ACTION: Schedule advisory board meeting
	=> jody to post to list
	=> Daniel to send jody the subscription list so that we can check

   ACTION : GUADEC announcement
	=> Leslie drafted announcement
	=> will send out shortly


NY Summit
    - Nat created Wiki
    - Don't see a need for a special room to welcome people

    - No Anonymous voting for this election to ensure there is a clear
    - Request that the membership committee hold a referendum on
      anonymous voting.  The membership committee can should hold the
      referendum as part of the election or shortly after it depending
      on their convenience.

Bounty Program
    - Web info is in place
    - Announcement later this week
    - Money to flow through board akin to Gnumeric grant.  JRB
      checked with lawyers to confirm this will not effect
      non-profit status.

Additional discussion on topics that can not be made
public at this time

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