GNOME in Chile

Some days ago a Chilean Free Software Conference finished at Talca 
(Chile). It had two tracks: Free Software in a goverment/public good
and GNOME (11 talks about GNOME).

Some good things happened:
- Timothy Ney arranged a meeting with Open Source Goverment Team
- A bunch of teenagers were very motivated at GNOME talks, so they
  are asking for getting involve.
- GNOME CL (Chilean GNOME group) were talking with some of their 
  'heroes' and we expect they will get involved more with

But, the best thing was unexpected.  The latest day, as attention
to international GNOME speakers (Tim Ney, Rodrigo Moya and Federico
Mena), they were invited to visit a chilean winery, but by coincidence,
Mario Kreutzberger was there, too.

Mario Kreutzberger (aka "Don Francisco") is a very famous TV speaker,
he is the visible face of Fundacion Teleton, a foundation to get
funds to assist people with disabilities.  He was very interested in
GNOME a11y technologies (may be Tim can give us more details).  
It's necessary get it touch with other people in this foundation,
where Mario Kreutzberger give us some reference to contact with.

So, my question is, May we talk as GNOME Foundation when we will
get in touch with them? (two of three people involved are members

German Poo Caaman~o
mailto:gpoo ubiobio cl

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