Re: GNOME in Chile


Thanks for all the hard work you, Jorge Bustos and the other organizers
put into last week's Congreso Nacional de Software Libre.  This was
certainly a landmark event for FLOSS and GNOME.

On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 10:09, German Poo Caaman~o wrote

> Mario Kreutzberger (aka "Don Francisco") is a very famous TV speaker,
> he is the visible face of Fundacion Teleton, a foundation to get
> funds to assist people with disabilities.  He was very interested in
> GNOME a11y technologies (may be Tim can give us more details).  

Yes, he liked the idea of a GNOME accessibility pilot in Chile - a
living a11y laboratory. I'm following up with Teleton & we can put
together a team of people from the Universidad de Talca, GNOME Chile and
the GNOME Accessibility Project to work on this.


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