Re: Web guidelines for use of GNOME Trademark

On Sad, 2003-11-22 at 00:46, Tim Ney wrote:
> Can you point to an acceptable one?

I suspect something like this:

All personal data provided in trademark applications will be used solely
for the management of the trademark and not divulged to third parties
except for the management of the trademark, or as required to conform
with any legal requirement or duty.

> Much of TM License Agreement language is pro forma and, thus,
> boilerplate to conform to U.S. trademark law.  The points you raise
> are are valid and I have asked the trademark lawyer to review them.

A lawyers job is not to spout boilerplate but to understand how to apply
it to the problem IMHO. I can copy boilerplate from a book and probably
charge rather lower fees for it ;)

Adults should not be a problem v corporations, minors maybe since in
many jurisdictions people under about the age of 18 cannot be bound to a
contract. I also can't see the foundation ever doing or being able to do
an audit of premises so why include it ?

> > Now the logo does need protection, but this is most emphatically not the
> > way to do it. It is a hard problem too as the Debian discussion and
> > ongoing problems getting it right show.
> The board looked at the Debian logo guidelines.  Of course, Debian has
> two (open use & official use) where GNOME has only the one foot.
> Thank you for taking the time to read through the Agreement and
> submitting your comments.

No problem - its important to get it right.


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