Re: Web guidelines for use of GNOME Trademark

On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 20:22, Alan Cox wrote:
> All personal data provided in trademark applications will be used solely
> for the management of the trademark and not divulged to third parties
> except for the management of the trademark, or as required to conform
> with any legal requirement or duty.


> A lawyers job is not to spout boilerplate but to understand how to apply
> it to the problem IMHO. I can copy boilerplate from a book and probably
> charge rather lower fees for it ;)

We went through a rigorous process with the lawyers in the creation and
revision of the foundation's by-laws. That process started from standard
non-profit text I composed with the attorneys to conform to State
law(s). The by-laws were then modified by committee, the board and on
foundation-list to reflect the specific format of governance structure
desired by the membership. It took a long time and the lawyers invested
a fair number of hours into it.

Our attorneys, who work pro-bono BTW, were very committed to getting it
right and found the gnome community process enlightening and a
refreshing change from general corporate law.  

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