Re: Web guidelines for use of GNOME Trademark

<quote who="Danilo Segan">

> Yeah, we should create the other foot! For now, we've got the left
> foot (or is it a footprint?), and we're missing the right foot.

Heh, that's a cool idea. ;-)

> (As a sidenote, I think it would be wise to keep the current logo for
> public use, and create a slightly modified one for trademark; but
> that's just my opinion, because all the current users of logo wouldn't
> have to change -- but that may be the entire point)

Agree, we have to think carefully about transition problems if we create
them. One option is differentiating between the 'foot button' and the plain
foot (or a more decorated foot on its own).

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
      "And, most importantly, we now have modules named 'fontilus' and
        'themus' -- the two founders of GROME." - Jonathon Blandford

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