Re: Desktop Integration Bounty Hunt

<quote who="Marc Maurer">

> Thanks Jeff.
> > The $ was sponsored by Novell/Ximian, and the Foundation is supporting
> > the Bounty Hunt by distributing the $.
> So, who's responsible for the choice of which applications are eligible
> for bounties or not? 
> If Novel/Ximian is (which seems logical, since it was their money), I can
> see why the foundation members have no say in which list is presented.

Yes, this is the case for the Bounty Hunt.

> On the other hand, if money was donated to the GNOME Foundation with no
> strings attached, then I can't see why there has been no previous
> discussion about this. 

Totally understandable. I think that, if the Foundation got a boatload of
no-strings-attached $$$ (highly unlikely atm, but for instance), the Board
would probably put together some scenarios or proposals for what to do with
the $$$, and ask for feedback from Foundation members. This is what I would
push for, anyway. ;-)

But in this case, the Foundation is working as a middle-man for our sponsor.


- Jeff

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