Some (random) comments about the bounties


There are some concerns about the bounties. Some were answered ("is it a
GNOME Foundation initiative?" => no). But there are still some things
that need clarification.

For example, I saw this question on "can people
outside the US receive bounties too?". Someone (anonymous...) answered
yes. Yet, I don't know if it's ok in France to give some money to
someone like this: there are laws regulating donations.

I really have mixed feelings about bounties: it is great to see work
being done on GNOME. But looking at the bounties product in bugzilla, I
can see people refusing to make a team to solve a problem because they
don't want to share the money: there is strong competition, and I'm not
sure I like this kind of competition (money-based).

Seeing the bounties on make them look
like something official, but it's not. And there are people flaming
GNOME for something which, I feel, is not a GNOME event, but a
GNOME-related event. If the bounties were located at, things would have been much clearer.

I think there are some other comments I could make, and everything I've
said is really some random, not well-agued stuff. But the important part
is this:

I don't say the bounties are a bad idea, but I feel the initiative
should have been discussed within the GNOME community before being
launched. Could we have such a discussion next time (if there's a 'next



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