Re: Pro-bono legal work [was Re: Web guidelines for use of GNOME Trademark]


> This reminds me: for some time, there has been a mention in the
> foundation board minutes about giving some public thanks to the lawyers
> working on behalf of the foundation. Sometimes this was noted as going
> in the newsletter, other times it was left more open.

Yeah, I had originally hoped that the newsletter would take off, but
sadly it never really happened, although we did come up with a first
issue but didn't get published. I suck. Hopefully
marketing-list gnome org can pick up on this as I'm pretty overstretched
already ;)

> Has anything been done about this? Legal work is not cheap, so if we are
> on the receiving end of a significant donation of time like this,
> whether or not the subject matter or result is particularly appealing to
> everybody, I would like to seem some thanks given in a very public
> location. If we just let it slide for month after month, then that
> doesn't seem like we are being particularly appreciative.

Yeah, it's a closed action item now. I put the mention on and Tim seemed to be happy enough with this for the


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