Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Ballots sent

Le Samedi 22 novembre 2003, a 15:40, Spider a ecrit :
> In regards to invalid votes, Will there be a notification back to the
> voter that such was the case, or will it be accepted, sending a
> return notice and then silently dropped?

There *may* be a notification sent back for invalid ballots when we'll
send reminders to people who have not voted.

However we do not verify ballots when they come in. We only know they
are invalid when we launch the script to count the ballots (and we do
this only once before the end of the elections, in order to know who has
not voted). This is the responsability of the voter to ensure that his
ballot is valid.

We can't do this automatically with the current voting system, but this
would be a nice thing to implement if we change the architecture of the
voting system (and this change will be mandatory if anonymous voting is

If you have any doubt about the validity of your ballot, you can ask us
to verify its validity: just send a mail to elections gnome org (or a
private mail if you prefer).


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