Re: Questions for candidates

John Fleck wrote:

> That said (and I didn't hear Luis' talk so I can't say what rot he was
> pushing) as a docs person I never felt disenfranchised. Quite the
> contrary.

That was my whole point. What Luis's talk presented >>sounded<< like there was a whole bunch of redundant people, almost hangers-on, around a core of people that really mattered. I, also, have never felt that to be the case, which is why the presentation came as such a surprise. And, at the risk of repitition, I have to point out that the EU representative sitting in the seat behind me at the presentation got the same message that I did and made a remark that such a culture is closed,
introspective, and not conducive to ultimate success. 

If that is not the GNOME culture, if the GNOME culture is open and inclusive, with everybody getting a chance to influence strategy and direction, then why not say that? Especially when major influencers such as government representatives might be present. 

A case of fronti nulla fides*...


*What you see isn't what you get...

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