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tis 2003-11-25 klockan 11.30 skrev Pat Costello:
> John Fleck wrote:
> > 
> > I think your metaphor breaks down in an important way that ends up
> > supporting Luis' argument. In the case of the car, if there are no
> > brakes or wheels, the car won't work at all.
> > 
> > In the case of the software, if there are no QA or docs or translations,
> > the software will still work. It will suck, but it will work. That's why
> > the development system is so code- and coder-centric.
> > 
> You miss the point that I am trying to make, so I'll change the analogy 
> slightly. Let's say, engine+driving controls+chassis+wheels = basic
> car. No bodywork, no windows, no seats, no roof, no windscreen. The
> car will still work, but few will buy this vehicle, and this marque
> will certainly not conquer the world, and become an industry standard.
> It will be popular amongst a small group of hobbyists however...

I think that everyone got the point a while back, everyone also seems to
be on the same page. The problem here is not the community itself but
how it was presented, everyone seems to have the same picture of how the
looks and how it should look.

And as Luis said, his intentions where not to give the wrong picture of
the community, it's only unfortunate that some people misinterpreted the
message. If you have any suggestions to Luis how he should change his
speech for next time to better deliver the message it would be better to
give those than continuing talking over each others head saying the same
thing :)

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