Minutes of the Board meeting 2003 Nov 18

     Minutes of the Board meeting 2003 Nov 18


   Nat Friedman (chair)
   Daniel Veillard
   Jonathan Blandford
   James Henstridge
   Jody Goldberg (minutes)
   Jeff Waugh
   Glynn Foster
   Bill Haneman
   Luis Villa
   Tim Ney
   Jim Gettys (+25)

   Miguel de Icaza

Completed Actions:

   ACTION: Put the confidentiality policy on website
	: Sent and reviewed on list.  We need to put it on the web
	  and add links to it.
	: Jeff will get the links set up.
        : Glynn will fetch it from the archive and report it
	=> Luis to fetch the wording and Jeff to put them on-line

   ACTION : GUADEC announcement
	=> Leslie drafted announcement
	=> will send out shortly


   ACTION: Tim to look into merchandising options around our logo and
        GUADEC proceedings
	: Can now accept credit cards
	: Process of setting up the web form, and certificate ongoing
	  Ariel Rios is working on it.  Have someone to work on DB, but need
	  some help on the web form.  Posting to request help will happen shortly.
	=> ongoing
	=> Tim will send out interface specs to admin list.

   ACTION: Schedule advisory board meeting
	=> Glynn to post to list

   ACTION: Look into Debian guidelines
	=> Jeff to forward a link to the guidelines

   ACTION: Forward draft proposal of trademark guidelines
	=> Tim to forward a copy of the proposal to board then
	   foundation as a whole to get public review.


Desktop Linux Consortium
    : It would be nice, but is not a requirement to have one of the
      attendees do a write up of what went on.  Especially to get it
      posted to the community.  IBM's gnome centric talk was a good
    : There will be a joint press release announcing GNOME joining.
      DLC's Jill will send the text to Leslie.

NY Summit
    : More than 100 people registered so far
    : 2 venues have been booked
	- One for opening talks
	- Another site about 10 minutes walk away with room for 200
    : Nat will be in NY early to get things setup
    : It would be useful to find someone on the ground to get us some

Advisory Board Meeting
    : Schedule a meeting of the outgoing foundation board with a target
    date of Dec 9, with flexibility to include Dec 8-12.

Bangalore & Chile
    : Local teams are setting up a GNOME user group.  We should do a
      press release to announce it when setup.

Large Scale Deployments
    : It would be useful to provide a forum to bring the various large
      scale deployments together.  eg Linex and Chile

    : Tim and Jody to review spreadsheet
    : Tim, Jonathan, and Jody to meet on Wed night.

GUADEC Tutorials
    : After some discussion it was decided that the focus of GUADEC is
      as a develer centric meeting.  For profit tutorials are unlikely
      to be well attended this year given the overlap with usenix.

Handling trademark
    : There is a balance to be struck between protecting the logo 
      and requiring overly restrictive licensing.  There have historicly
      been attempts to use the logo in inappropriate ways (pirates and
      porn).  However, the board does not want to require so much
      legalese that people will not license it.  The board will review
      the current proposal then forward to the foundation as a whole.

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