Gnome foundation & copyright assesment

Dear Gnome members,

I am a long time GNU/Linux user and lover. My projects involve for example, which is based on wxWindows.

For information, I am enquiring about the advantages of assigning copyright to 
a Foundation. The advantages of creating a Foundation are obvious!

I read on that:

"Other examples of projects requiring copyright assignment include Python, 
OpenOffice, GNOME and all Free Software Foundation projects, such as GNU 
Enterprise and GCC."

1) Could you point out to me any legal document whereby a contributor donates 
the ownership of his work to the Foundation.

2) Is such a transfer of ownership always required in the case of contribution 
to the Gnome Project?

3) Do you ask the contributor to bear all risks in case of transfer?

4) Where can I find the list of the Foundation members?

Best regards,
Jean-Michel Pouré

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