Re: Reminder: GUADEC 2004 Call for Papers

Hi Fernando,

Fernando Herrera wrote:
	hi David! Can we get a list of already submited papers? this was
done in last Guadec, and I think it's interesting, because people can
see what topics are covered/uncovered, and can encourage people to
submit papers.

Of course - the archives for guadec-papers are online, and available to list members. Here's a summary of the papers so far:

# Managing a digital photo collection, Lars Wirzenius
# Submission: Local GNOME Engangement -- activities that make GNOMEwhat it is, Sven Herzberg
# Gnome &, Michael Meeks
# submission for 2004: GNOME Bluetooth Update, Edd Dumbill
# Usability concerns in localisation, Reinout van Schouwen
(full paper available online here: # Challenges in OpenSource Software Engineering to Create a Unified Window Managers (Possibly, KDE & GNOME) SYED M. RAIHAN (3h presentation on the obstacles to consistent WM behaviour)

Also, we've won the lotto a number of times, and some African cousins would like us to help them get some money away from their evil corrupt regime.


Dave Neary
bolsh gimp org

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