Conferences in the coming year

Hi folks,

I have just put up a web page at listing various
conferences that are being held in 2004. The distinguishing feature of
these particular conferences is that they are all appropriate places for
giving talks or exhibitions about GNOME.

Where I know of a submission deadline for papers, I have included that
also. If you know of other suitable conferences, or extra information
about something I have listed, please let me know and I will add them to
the list. I am not trying to list every conference on the planet -- just
those that would benefit from having some GNOME advocacy. I have a
feeling there are a bunch of Spanish and South American conferences, in
particular, that I have not been able to find. There are also some
events like Linux Tag and UKUUG summer conference for which I have no
concrete dates as yet.

If one of these events is in your local area, have a think about whether
you might like to give a GNOME-related talk or help prepare and staff an
exhibition booth, if it is more of a show than a conference with talks.
If you want assistance with this, get in touch with
marketing-list gnome org or this list or contact the Foundation board.
One way to get GNOME into the homes and offices of people around the
world is to make them aware of it; give demonstrations, let people play
with GNOME at shows, give talks about the things we are building and how
they make life genuinely easier (rather than just being "cool").

To help with this, some people are organising a spot on
that will hold slides, papers and photos from previous talks that people
will be permitted to reuse. Requests for contributions to that should be
announced shortly.

Enjoy! Give feedback! Be brave: help out!


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