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Am Sa, den 07.02.2004 schrieb Malcolm Tredinnick um 14:34:
> I have just put up a web page at

CeBIT (Hannover, Germany) - March 18th - 24th

  Are there any people we could contact to get a GNOME Booth? I think
that if we could get a booth sponsored by someone (maybe Redhat?) or if
we could get a corner of a booth of a GNOME supporting company we could
easily find folks representing GNOME over the CeBIT (if I get a sposor
for the entry fee I'd volunteer for each of the 7 days).
  I've been representing GNOME Germany there last year for 3 days (we
were invited by Linux New Media AG) and it was really great.

Linuxtag (Karlsruhe, Germany) - June 23th - 26th

  This claims to be Europe's biggest GNU/Linux event and there were
almost 20.000 visitors last year (believing the organizers). I'm going
to be there definitely and there are lots of other Germans willing to
get there (and using June 27th to get to Kristiansand :). CFP will end
tomorrow (meaning that you can send a paper until tomorrow, but we
already have three gnome-related talks applying there).

> events like Linux Tag and UKUUG summer conference for which I have no

see above

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